Plastic Surgery: Are You Ready?

One of the things I dislike most is turning someone away from surgery, but there are some people who want cosmetic surgery for the wrong reasons. There are 4 questions you can ask yourself to guarantee you’re ready for plastic surgery.

1.)    Are you in good physical health?

Do you smoke? Can you be honest about any diseases/illnesses? Doctors do perform an examination to make sure you are in good condition to have a quick and healthy recovery and to undergo anesthesia. However, having a healthy lifestyle is key to getting back to your daily life quickly and easily.

2.)    Are your expectations realistic?

Do you feel that this surgery will truly make you happier, more confident and that you can achieve your desired goal? Plastic surgeons can give you an idea of how you will look post-surgery, it is important to feel satisfied with that outcome. Having the right cosmetic surgeon means making adjustments that look natural and that balance your overall or facial shape/contour. Great plastic surgery candidates are realistic about results and feel happy/satisfied with the projected outcome.

3.)    Why do you want cosmetic surgery?

Plastic surgery has the ability to do amazing things- make you smile again and add a boost of confidence that carries over into your work and daily life. The reasons in which you want plastic surgery are important so that you can reap those aforementioned benefits. Seeking a procedure to simply please a partner, having a transitory or temporary want for change, or to achieve an unrealistic result, are all not ideal reasons for cosmetic surgery.

4.)    Why now?

With many, a large life change can prompt you to finally seek plastic surgery. This can be a good thing. Life altering changes can push you to finally take care of your needs and make the changes you have been longing for. However some life changes may make for an unhealthy timing for such a large decision. Having a stable mindset at the time of seeking plastic surgery is key to ensuring you are happy with the long-lasting results.

Thinking of plastic surgery? Contact (516) 466-6600 for a consultation with Dr. Burt Greenberg 

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